Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"As parents, it can really make you worry when your kids have cough, colds or flu, especially if they feel the discomfort such as stuffy nose, runny nose, headache, etc. You will feel tempted to give them cough and cold medications even if you are aware that these medications only give relief from the symptoms by suppressing them, which is not a good thing because cough and colds should not be suppressed, they should be expelled.

Fortunately, parents no longer need to make the mistake of letting their children take cough and cold medications because they can use the tea tree essential oil instead. The tea tree oil is derived from the melaleuca plant from Australia. Its leaves were distilled to come up with a very potent essential oil that is known to prevent and treat cough, colds and flu.

How Tea Tree Oil Cures Cough, Colds and Flu

The tea tree oil’s antibacterial and antiviral properties are the main things responsible for the oil’s power to cure cough, colds and flu. These respiratory illnesses are viral infections but the tea tree oil has the ability to fight viruses. Bacteria can also make way into your body through these illnesses but the tea tree oil can fight the onset of bacteria as well as get rid of them.

The best thing about this oil is that it doesn’t suppress these illnesses. It acts as a very potent expectorant that can help the body get rid of the virus that’s causing your cough, colds, and flu.

How to Treat Cough, Colds, and Flu through Tea Tree Oil

There are 3 ways to use tea tree oil in treating these respiratory illnesses.

  1. Have a Tea Tree Oil Bath.

Baths are soothing if you have cough, colds, or flu. To make it more soothing, add tea tree oil to the warm water in the tub and bathe with it. Bathing with tea tree oil can encourage sweating which can help prevent the illness from further developing. If you have flu already, a warm and relaxing bath with this essential oil can help speed up healing.

  1. Inhale Tea Tree Oil Steam/Humidifier

When kids have cough, colds, or flu, inhaling steam can usually help loosen the phlegm and get rid of all the negativities. To use the oil from tea tree on steam inhalation, simply pour a few drops of the oil on the boiled water and start inhaling the steam while covered with a blanket.

If you don’t want to be covered with blanket, try inhaling steam in a bathroom but make sure the room is closed so you can inhale all the benefits of the steam and the essential oil.

  1. Tea Tree Oil Rub

Rubs are very popular products in relieving cough and cold symptoms. The best thing about making a tea tree oil rub is that it is not only providing soothing and calming effects, but it also unleashes its expectorant ability, making you release all the phlegm to make you feel better in the morning. Simply rub the oil on the chest, near enough for you to inhale its aroma.

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